viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Half of Hour Confused

I turn on the TV. I start flipping channels because I love doing that. I catch the news, and I watch it even though it is in French. I don’t get it all. I didn’t know there was a French channel. Then I find out, it’s only transmitted from 7 to 7:30 on Chanel 19 (WLRN). I listen and try to understand, but it’s hard. They speak very fast. Images and some words let me get the news.
-In The Congo rebels are violating, hitting and, in some cases, burning women. This is provoking unwanted pregnancies and spread of HIV in those violated women. 15% of those born children are infected by the virus.
-Obama has a general acceptation all over the world. Different countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia were included in this research. 65% was his lowest grade, 85% was his highest one.
-The percentage of women living alone and happy is going up. They are divorced, they are raising their children all by themselves, and they’re happy for it. They are talking about “the happiness of living alone”
-Bla, bla, bla…

I don’t understand everything. I am a little bit confused by the time the news is done. I start flipping again. Mostly all of the channels are in English but I don’t stop on any on them. Click, click, and more click. Then after a while, I go back to my Spanish channel so I can feel safe and comfortable again.