jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

My baby cats

Lo que resulta de mi clase de “Writing”.

I never thought I would love cats as much as I do, especially because I used to hate them before. I was so wrong; now I have five of them, three inside my house and two outside. Lisa is the mom. She was a stray cat, and when I first moved here to Miami, she decided that she wanted to be adopted by me. I fed her a couple of times, and that was enough to make her mine. What I like the most about her is that she is a very grateful cat, and I love when I call her out and she comes right away; she is the only obedient cat I have. She is very playful and curious about every single space of the house. A couple of months after I adopted her, I thought Lisita was getting fat because she was eating well; my mistake, she was pregnant. I didn’t know how much happiness she and her babies were going to bring to my life. Violet and Charlie are the babies. They are the opposite of each other. In one hand, Violet is a skinny and small cat. She is very bold, restless, independent, and she is so unfriendly she doesn’t like to be touched at all. Of course, I don’t care, so I hug her and pat her very often. The problem occurs when she gets tired of me and I don’t let her go, so she bites me or slaps me with her paws, or at least she tries to. Anyway, I still wonder how come she likes to sleep right beside me, every night. On the other hand, Charlie is a fat, quiet, dependent and friendly cat, and he loves to be hugged and touched all the time. When I’m on the computer he always sits on my lap (he is now here with me) and looks at me as if waiting to be patted, and then he starts purring as if he were the happiest cat on earth until he falls asleep. He is so sweet.

I’ve got two more cats, but both of them are still stray cats. Patty meows every time she sees me arriving and she walks with me the all the way from my car to my house. She has yellow fur and, even though she doesn’t speak Spanish, she is very friendly with me. At the beginning when I first meet her, I thought she was my neighbor’s cat, so when she went out to visit her country, I decided to feed the cat until she returned. Then, I discovered she wasn’t my neighbor’s cat. How could I deny that defenseless cat food now? I feed her every day at my front door; she knows I will give her food, that’s why she stays sitting down there, and she waits for me to get her food inside the house. I wish I could adopt her because we get along. “El niño” is the last cat and he is the babies’ father; he comes to visit very often, but not every day. He is a good father, I guess. He is hurt all the time, as if he had fights constantly. He is ugly, big and gets easily scared, but I don’t mind. I like him because when he realized Lisita was here, he started coming to visited her and he would stare at her through the door’s window as if telling her: “Here I am, my love, to rescue you and to set you free”. Of course, he would wait to have a well-served plate of food too. I get really excited when I see him waiting on the patio, so I turn on the lights as fast as I can so that he can notice I have already seen him. I love his face when I show him food is coming. I’ve never touched him but that’s fine with me. We’re friends, anyway.

I always thought of myself as being a dog person, but now I think I changed the definition of me: I’m an animal lover, and I love my cats as I never thought I could ever love a cat.

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Ernesto G. dijo...

Good job!

JOHANNA dijo...

Thank you teachersito, usted sabe que sus palabras significan mucho para mi =D