domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

A Different Thanksgiving

Hice este escrito hace algunos meses como parte de una tarea escolar. Fue basado en el excelente chiste mexicano “Pavo al tequila”.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. This will be my second one here in Miami, and this time I am more excited to celebrate it than last year. I decided to look on the Internet for a good recipe to prepare the turkey. The word tequila popped up in my mind while surfing the Internet. I found what seemed to me as a good recipe: Tequila Turkey. I guess it could be a fine fusion of cultures by combining good Mexican tequila with the Thanksgiving turkey, so I copied the recipe to give it a try. It looks like an easy to make recipe. First of all, buy 1 liter of “Corralejo” tequila and a 10 lb turkey; thaw it if frozen. Pour out 10 shots of tequila, and drink one while preheating the oven to 325 °F. Place turkey on a roasting pan. To give flavor, pour a double tequila shot into your mouth and drink it. Don’t forget to put the turkey to roast into the oven and drink one more tequila shot. Then, cook it for 2 hours. It is crucial to keep on giving flavor (one tequila shot) every ½ hour. Send somebody to buy another tequila bottle for later, while you wait for the turkey to be drunk - I mean done. When the thermometer reads 180ºF, it’s ready. If you forgot to put in the thermometer, put it in right away, and drink another tequila shot to improve memory. When the turkey is ready, and if it’s not burned, celebrate by drinking another shot. Finally, turn off the oven and take the turkey out. Celebrate again - you know how - by drinking another tequila shot, but open the new bottle of tequila first. Before serving, pick up the turkey from the floor and make a toast. Come on! There is no reason to be angry; it wasn’t your fault if you dropped the turkey because you forgot it was hot. It can happen to anyone. Have another tequila shot so you can forget your little mistake. Clean, serve, bless and eat. Don’t forget to drink moderately! Preparing this easy to make recipe you will have, for sure, a forgettable Thanksgiving, but who cares? CHEERS!

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No me canso de decirtelo dijo...

Me gusta mucho el escrito. La nueva foto mucho mas. :)

JOHANNA dijo...


Cual la de los pavos? jejeje