sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009

My twin

It’s really nice having a twin. It’s not only a brotherhood, it’s something else. He is a boy and I am a girl and we were born the same day. Arriving four minutes before me makes him the older of us. His name is Jonathan. When we were kids my older brother, my sister and I used to call him Johnny, but as we got older, we started calling him “Chino” (Chinese) because of his Chinese shaped eyes. We don’t look alike at all: he is taller, chubbier and more intelligent than I am. His hair is delightfully curly, his eyebrows are really expressive, and he has a marvelous and profound dimple on each side of his smile. He is very handsome but introverted and extremely focused on his job, kind of a workaholic. Sometimes it seems as if we are opposite, but I would rather say we are complements. When we were children, my mom used to cook beans and rice all the time. I remember eating all the beans but leaving the rice. My brother did the opposite. I remember my mom telling us not to leave anything. That’s why we would exchange our plates and finish eating without any problem. We always have worked as a team. If I couldn’t reach it because it was high for me, he would help me. If I forgot something, he wouldn’t. If he didn’t write down homework, I would. If he couldn’t go somewhere, I could. We were always together. We went to the same schools all of our school years even, university. We ended up studying the same major. That made us share the same friends too, so we would go out together all the time. I never felt what it was to be alone or need a hand and not find it, thanks to him. Having a twin brother is something more than just being brother and sister. As you can see, we have been friends, accomplices, partners, and buddies since we were born. That’s why I don’t mind sharing the birthday cake with him even though when we’re about to blow out the candles he always distracts me, so he can get them all.

B-day #3
Last B-day #21 jejeje

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Ernesto G. dijo...

Good job! Are you still taking that writing class? She is a great teacher.

JOHANNA dijo...

Gracias Teachersito


Anónimo dijo...

we always have worked? we have always worked;)

JOHANNA dijo...

Yes!!! having a twin is awesome!!